Quantum Lab - Best Startup 2016!

Quantum Lab - Best Startup 2016!

On May the 16th, Quantum Lab won Best Startup 2016 – a prestigious competition for companies doing innovative new technology projects applicable for marketing, communication and sales purposes. 

Under Black Pearls VC mentorship and investment support, the company has developed software capable of recognizing and analysis of human emotions. The solution endows marketers and retail managers with revolutionary spectrum of new possibilities for measuring their communications effectiveness and improving customers experience.
Telling a satisfied customer from one that’s far from being happy with your service or marketing content is quite easy in man to man contact. But it won’t get you anywhere close to the big picture. For that, you need statistics. You need to meet world of emotions with the world of computers and data.
Since recently, we are now equipped with specialised devices and computer programmes that are able detect, recognize and analyse humans emotions. Poland’s only representative in this branch of industry is Gdańsk-based Quantum Lab, whose innovative products have just been recognised at Best Startup, a competition which concludes during the Innovation Day conference. Quantum Lab enchanted the jury and swiftly qualified to become one of the TOP5 best projects in the contest. Then, for almost a month, under a mentor’s guidance, they prepared their final presentation and delivered it at the conference. Result? Main prize – participation in Lions Innovation, a festival organised as part of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

Cannes, here we come!
“Winning the competition is a very special thing for us,” says Bartosz Rychlicki, head of Quantum Lab. “The jury comprised exquisite personalities from the marketing and innovation world, so this victory is not only a trip to Cannes, but even more importantly, a confirmation that we have chosen the right way.”  This is a crucial thing in this young, dynamically growing market of human emotional reactions recognition and analysis, that is expected to be worth more than 22 bln dollars in the next four years.

The way to the customer’s heart
Quantum Lab has been developing its technology in Poland since 2013. They devoted a great deal of time to R&D, combining the effort of programmers, AI specialists and psychologists. Thanks to support from investors and advice from Black Pearls VC, they successfully created the tools, which have recently been tested in a fast food chain in the US. In the challenging environment of numerous customers and short interaction time, the Quantum Lab software did fine job in behavioural analysis of the patrons and staff. The managers could use this knowledge to train the counter attendants and modify their behaviour. By working on such things as the smile or body language, they managed to improve customer satisfaction rates and notably increased the revenue in the tested eateries.

Computer-supported marketing
The software being created by Quantum Lab, such as the tool called Ellen, can also be used to run other types of analysis, such as studying the emotions of people while they are watching an ad. This way commercials could be modified to have a stronger impact even before they are aired! It’s impossible to overestimate the value of the company’s solutions in researching customer experience and measuring emotions that go with shopping. It’s a wealth of knowledge to be used by sales teams and managers in the struggle for better results. “We are proud of the new Quantum Lab success and congratulate the authors on the idea,” says Marcin Kowalik, the project’s mentor assigned by Black Pearls VC and Managing Partner of the fund. “This is a perfect example of an effectively supported innovation, where the idea and professionalism of startup founders meets the investors’ business knowledge and money – a highly effective combination indeed.”

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