Time to get out of the playground

Time to get out of the playground


“Venture funding into Central & Eastern Europe is on the rise. But the region needs more than capital to excel.” – writes Ewa Treitz in her medium.com blogpost focusing on CEE region’s ecosystem properties, chances, and the need of greater connection to the global ecosystem.

It’s time to get out of the playground. – Black Pearls VC – Medium

VC funding has steadily increased worldwide, including in Central & Eastern Europe (CEE) [1]. Until a few years back, there were few VC investors to speak of. But just last year, close to 100 firms…


Satellite data is the "new oil". 5 reasons why.

Our downstream space sector expert Wojciech Drewczyński has blogged lately about satellite data industry, stating that satellite data is the “new oil”. Definitely worth checking out.