AUTENTI - one-click e-signature

AUTENTI - one-click e-signature

Autenti, a platform for approving documents and signing contracts online, will use Blockchain technology for additional security of data and operations credibility level increase. In introduction of technology of distributed ledger, as well as dynamic development of the company in areas of sales and marketing, Autenti will be supported with PLN 6.3 million (EUR 1.5M) funding by Black Pearls VC and Innovation Nest.

Autenti is a platform for approving documents and signing contracts online. The unique combination of innovative application of electronic signature, easy access to the cutting-edge technology, and legal basis of national and European law regulations, allows entrepreneurs to escape the necessity of signing printed agreements by hand and exchange their physical copies by the involved entities. It’s the first solution of this kind in Poland and one of a few in Europe. In 2016, global market of electronic signature was worth USD 631.5 million. Analysts predict that the market CAGR increase will amount to 26.4% in 2017-2025, and will reach USD 4.98 billion before the end of 2025.

The idea of giving up paper in favour of new technologies is no longer merely a fashion among organizations, but an urgent need. Our conversations about e-signatures in various companies finish not with “if” but “when us?” Thanks to the support of Black Pearls VC and Innovation Nest, we have a chance to seize the right moment to significantly speed up by fulfilling ambitious plans of foreign expansion and increasing data security level. It’s the competence, experience, and international contacts of our partners that are crucial for the dynamic development of Autenti.

Grzegorz Wójcik, CEO, Autenti

As a lead investor, Innovation Nest allocated for development of Autenti PLN 3.3 million from the Innovation Nest II fund, focused on support of projects developing software used in business solutions.

The most crucial characteristics of the project that has the largest chance to succeed is significant influence on process effectiveness in the company. Autenti certainly shows this characteristics by offering a feature which will allow to fundamentally speed up and optimize process of signing contracts and other business documents. Simultaneously, it is guaranteed that the signed document is the right one, and that it will never be lost.

Marek Kapturkiewicz, Innovation Nest, Partner&Co-founder

Black Pearls VC provided PLN 3M of funding for the project basing on LQT Fund II created under the National Research and Development Center’s BRIdge Alfa program. The strategy of LQT Fund II assumes supporting development and commercialization of life quality technologies.

Autenti optimizes contract conclusion process to the revolutionary degree. The project is a model solution of Life Quality Technologies area, in which we want to support about ten projects with significant commercial potential and Autenti perfectly fits our strategy.

Tomasz Woźniak, Black Pearls VC, Principal

Autenti had its debut on the market 3 years ago. The solution is a project of leading managers of Internet industry in Poland, who combined their experiences from companies such as Interia, Onet, TVN, and Allegro, with their passion and competences, to fulfil one of the most urgent needs of business. The mastermind, Grzegorz Wójcik, long-time manager and specialist on digital media and e-commerce, became the leader of the project. The founders team was completed by Łukasz Rzepecki (CTO), Tomasz Plata (CMO), and Bartosz Wojciechowski (CLO). Last year, Autenti noted significant increase of interest in the e-signature feature, which resulted in several dozen of new contracts, won contests and tenders, and participation in the international program Google Campus Residency.
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