iGRID investment

iGRID investment

Black Pearls VC invests PLN 3m (€ 720k) in iGRID – a startup using industrial internet of things (IIOT) and fog computing technologies for the needs of the energy industry. In 2017, iGRID tested its solutions on the network infrastructure of Tauron Distribution, as part of the ScaleUP Pilot Maker program. Thanks to the promising effects of the pilot, TAURON and iGRID signed an agreement to continue cooperation in 2018 at the end of last year.

iGRID is a company that creates IIOT solutions dedicated for energy distributors, industrial energy consumers and photovoltaics. Thanks to the proprietary technology of wireless sensors and distributed computing architecture (fog computing), iGRID provides operators of power grids and owners of photovoltaic installations with accurate and up-to-date data on the condition of transmission infrastructure and energy generation efficiency. The founder of iGRID is Ryszard Bednarz, who, along with other engineers – Kamil Kozak and Wiesław Kot, created a vision for the development of intelligent energy networks based on a distributed IT infrastructure. In their opinion, such architecture is a much more efficient and more effective alternative in cybersecurity for centralized solutions based on cloud computing.

By creating iGrid Technology it was possible to gather a unique team of people who saw, on the threshold of the 4th industrial revolution, a chance to create a technologically advanced company in a very demanding energy industry. I am glad that our Investors see this opportunity. Black Pearls VC will enable us to further develop our products and enter the phase of intensive sales growth.

Ryszard Bednarz, iGRID, Founder

Black Pearls VC has invested PLN 3m (€ 720k) in the iGRID project from the LQT Fund II fund (LQT- Life Quality Technologies) established with the support of BRIdge Alfa program of the National Center for Research and Development.

iGrid is a unique solution addressed to a specific industry, very technologically advanced and practically devoid of direct competition. The project meets the criteria deep tech and enterprise software categories – the main areas of our investment interests.

Maciej Skórkiewicz, Black Pearls VC, Investment Director

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