VoiceLab.AI will provide Polish courts with automatic speech transcription systems.

VoiceLab.AI will provide Polish courts with automatic speech transcription systems.

VoiceLab.AI, together with Comarch S.A., will set up a system for automatic speech transcription and management of the transcription process for  Polish common courts. The contract value is PLN 11 mln (EUR 2,6 mln).

Automatic transcription

The solution provided by the consortium recognizes human speech (both recorded previously and in real time) and transcribes spoken words into text. The system will enable automatic transcription of digital recordings from court proceedings, which are already on court servers. This will significantly reduce the time of transcriptions, which are very time-consuming.
The project also involves the launch of the Central Transcription Portal, which will enable the management of task assignments and organization of work in several transcription centers in Poland, as well as the flow of files and information on transcriptions between courts and transcription centers.

Real time speech to text translation

Common courts judges and their assistants will also receive a dictation program for the preparation of court letters, justifications, summaries of files, etc. This program will translate speech (dictated content) into text in real time, while providing extensive opportunities for text formatting, also using voice commands. The system is able to select the type of font (bold, italic, underline, enlargement, reduction), align, justify or delete selected parts of the text, listed in the information.
The contract on the implementation of the transcription system was signed on April 11, 2018 and the system will be ready in September 2018. 

About VoiceLab.AI

VoiceLab’s proprietary AI-powered Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology transcribes and analyzes conversation recordings and provides a set of tools enabling its management and analysis with additional functionalities like voice biometry and intent recognition. The company applies the tech for their products aimed at sales and customer service automation in banking, healthcare, insurance, travel agencies and call centers. 

Black Pearls VC investment

VoiceLab.AI is a Black Pearls VC portfolio company, backed under Black Pearls VC I fund in 2015, with the involvement of National Center for Research and Development BRIdgeAlfa program. 

As it is more and more difficult to find employees for call centers in banks, travel agencies, parcel services etc. there is a need for automation of conversations over the phone or chat. It improves Customer Experience and lowers costs by significant numbers. It also helps employees to achieve better results and increases their satisfaction for well served customers. 

Marcin Zagórski, Black Pearls VC, Partner 

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