Deep.BI: AI tools for digital media publishers.

Deep.BI: AI tools for digital media publishers.

Started by a team of Polish founders in New York, Deep.BI creates advanced AI-based analytical solutions for digital media publishers. In May this year, the company raised a seed round of PLN 4.8 m (EUR 1,1 m) total  from Black Pearls VC (PLN 3m, EUR 700k) and a few Polish business angels (PLN 1,8 m, EUR 400k) involved with the media industry. Also recently, National Center for Research and Development supported Deep.BI with PLN 7 m (EUR 1,6 m). Deep.BI tools are already used by Gremi Media, SME, De Groene Amsterdammer and Human Rights Watch.

What is Deep.BI?

Deep.BI is an analytical tool based on proprietary real-time data platform that equips digital media publishers with full knowledge of their audience’s response to the content they publish. The artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms used in Deep.BI allow in-depth analysis of interactions between users and the content. The tool allows publishers to constantly improve the quality of their products based on comprehensively measured preferences of their clients.
Deep.BI has been founded by three Poles in New York. From the very beginning the team has been focused  on selling on the global market . The company cooperates with Human Rights Watch or De Groene Amsterdamer or EZUniverse. Sebastian Zontek, Jarosław Góra and Wojciech Woziwodzki are also actively involved in the Polish market: Gremi Media is already using Deep.BI, and first tests are ongoing in the Polska Press Group. They also work with a team of scientists from the Department of Computer Science of Poznań University of Technology aiming at the development of advanced artificial intelligence algorithms used in recommendation and subscription processes.

The process of media digitalization is unstoppable and so is the transfer of their revenues into the digital world, where those who have been here much earlier are more powerful. Google and Facebook consume the majority of advertising revenues, which is why publishers are switching to subscription models. Thanks to the comprehensive knowledge about how readers respond to the content, publishers can adapt better to the expectations of users and effectively build lasting relationships with them. That's where we can help.

Jaroslaw Góra, COO at Deep.BI

Tools for effective subscription sales are now a priority for Deep.BI. The company is currently implementing a project aiming to expand the capabilities of analysis and Data Science solutions with intelligent subscription sales tools such as content recommendations and irregularity detection. The development of these tools will be supported with PLN 7 m (EUR 1,6) financing received from the National Center for Research and Development.

Black Pearls VC investment

Black Pearls VC invested PLN 3 m (EUR 700 k)  in Deep.BI from the Black Pearls VC II fund. As for the Black Pearls VC team, Maciej Skórkiewicz (Partner) and Aleksander Dobrzyniecki (Investment Manager) were involved in the Deep.BI investment transaction.

Publishers already know that subscriptions are the future of their revenues. The market also gets used to it. According to forecasts, by the end of this year, 50% of adult users in developed countries will buy an online subscription for at least two titles. The fight for the client will take place not only on the level of content quality, but also on the technological level. Deep.BI gives publishers the tool to effectively convert users and creates the basis for the success of the digitization process.

Marcin P. Kowalik, Managing Partner at Black Pearls VC

Deep.BI raised the remaining 1.8 million PLN (EUR 400 k), from Polish business angels related to the media industry. Among them are: Piotr Walter, Tomasz Józefacki, Krzysztof Dębowski and Adam Sawicki.

The growing popularity of subscription models among  media companies  proves that the model based solely on the revenues from online advertising is not effective enough. Direct sales of digital content - for thats what subscription sales really is - requires caring for relations with the readers. The best way to do it, is through the quality of content. Deep.BI provides publishers with the necessary data and algorithms that lead to sales of digital subscriptions increase. Increased revenues allow publishers to invest in content quality development and as a result, everyone will benefit.

Tomasz Józefacki, chairman of the supervisory boards of Nais and Movebubble, private investor and former president of Benefit Systems and a member of the board of Agora responsible for online segment.

Deep.BI founders:

Sebastian Zontek
Serial entrepreneur, expert in the field of artificial intelligence and big data analysis. A graduate of the Wrocław University of Technology, Maria Curie-Skłodowska University and Stanford University.

Jarosław Góra
Manager with experience in digitization of media sector companies, for many years involved in the Media Development Investment Fund (New York). A graduate of Warsaw School of Economics, Harvard Business School, Fordham University.

Wojciech Woziwodzki
Entrepreneur, business angel. Founder of Carrywater Group and Tequila Mobile. A graduate of the Wrocław University of Technology, Carlson School of Management (University of Minnesota, MBA).
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