Start sharing parking spaces with Parkanizer

Start sharing parking spaces with Parkanizer

On average, over 35% of parking places in companies are usually empty. At the same time, workers complain about parking space availability due to inefficient communication and management. 

Parkanizer Share is an innovative and easy-to-use tool enabling effective use of parking spaces in companies. With its help, employees make their parking spaces available to others at a time when they do not use them. Click the link below to find out how easy it can be with Parkanizer's latest product (the website is in Polish). 

Parkanizer Share - współdziel miejsca parkingowe w firmie łatwo, wygodnie i efektywnie

Aplikacja do przekazywania miejsc parkingowych w firmie z wbudowaną kontrolą dostępu

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Parkanizer is a Black Pearls VC portfolio company (Black Pearls VC I Fund) specializing in car park management systems for office properties and commercial car parks. Their services cover car park consulting and analysis, automated car park systems, access and entry control and parking information systems. 
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