Portfolio Companies
Tomasz Plata explains how e-signature works and why 90% of business documents don't have to be signed by hand. 

13 April 2018

Maciek Skórkiewicz shared some of his thoughts on exit strategies and why startup founders should consider them before they start fundraising. Check his latest medium.com post. 

12 April 2018

Black Pearls VC has invested PLN 2.94 million (EUR 700k) in Insly, a company that created an innovative software supporting insurance agents and brokers in effective management of sales and customer service activities. The transaction has an international character: our ...

22 March 2018

Black Pearls VC invests PLN 3m (€ 720k) in iGRID – a startup using industrial internet of things (IIOT) and fog computing technologies for the needs of the energy industry. In 2017, iGRID tested its solutions on the network infrastructure of Tauron Distribution, as part ...

17 January 2018

Our Bogdan Zhukevych visited Ukraine lately to take part in Seedstars CEE and Kyiv Tech Hub. Check out his insights and comments on Ukrainian ecosystem in his medium.com blogpost. 

10 January 2018

After nearly two and a half years, Black Pearls VC completed the investment in PHK, a company working – under Hem Poland brand – in the field of industrial hemp cultivation and processing. As the result of selling PHK shares, Black Pearls VC received several times return...

20 December 2017

Autenti, a platform for approving documents and signing contracts online, will use Blockchain technology for additional security of data and operations credibility level increase. In introduction of technology of distributed ledger, as well as dynamic development of the ...

8 November 2017

Marcin Zagórski‘s Q&A on how should Poland catch up with the Nordics, Germany and the UK in terms of innovative economy. 

8 November 2017

Our downstream space sector expert Wojciech Drewczyński has blogged lately about satellite data industry, stating that satellite data is the “new oil”. Definitely worth checking out.

7 November 2017

We have been thinking for some time about doing this, time has come to act. We decided to use medium.com as the platform has international range and thus – is perfect for companies operating in global environment.

29 September 2017