Portfolio Companies
Warranty Insurance launched an innovative B2C insurance product for a leading electronics retailer, dealer and manufacturer based on Insly solution.

7 November 2018

The idea of Autenti was drawn on a napkin during lunch. Read the full story on  Medium. 

26 October 2018

Portfolio Companies
On average, over 35% of parking places in companies are usually empty. At the same time, workers complain about parking space availability due to inefficient communication and management. 

26 September 2018

Click the link below to apply:

26 September 2018

They are hiring through Jobs on Facebook, click the link below to apply. 

20 September 2018

Portfolio Companies
BGŻ BNP Paribas and Autenti, have implemented an electronic signature to streamline the bank's credit processes. The Black Pearls VC portfolio company announced its cooperation on digital contract signing with Siemens Finance earlier this month.  

10 September 2018

Our portfolio (Black Pearls Seed Fund) company need Front-end Developer (HTML, CSS, JS), Full-Stack Developer (Laravel), Business Developer (Sales), Marketing Specialist and Copywriter.  

5 September 2018

Portfolio Companies
Siemens Finance has found a way to conclude leasing contracts online.Contract signing via the Internet is possible thanks to the introduction of an electronic signature verified by SMS. The solution has been provided by Autenti, an e-signature platform for document autho...

4 September 2018

Click the link below to see the details. 

19 July 2018

As much as 6 job opportunities for devs, software architects, data analysts and ui designers await!

13 July 2018

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